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Smart business management and control are made easy and designed to save you time when you use IAT’s smart business wireless solutions, and the all-in-one app powered by

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In today’s technological world, wireless-enabled devices utilize the most reliable form of communication for security and alarm monitoring systems. IAT’s Smart and Premium Packages include a dedicated wireless bridge that makes setup and installation much easier, increases reliability, and reduces cost. In most instances, it is much easier and less disruptive to connect security devices to a secure local WIFI network that eliminates the need to run ethernet cables in a facility.
This image displays four icons representing security-related services: intrusion, video monitoring, access control, and energy management, with brief explanations beneath each icon.

Smarter Security and Automation featuring

Advanced smart security systems for any size business with professional monitoring and mobile access:

IAT Control Panel

This is an image of a modern home security system control panel with a touchscreen interface indicating that the system is disarmed. The panel is imprinted with the Innovative Access Technologies log and the phone number.
The image shows a smartphone with a smart home control app open, displaying options for managing lights, speakers, thermostat, and security system.

Manage Smart Devices

Secure Wireless Communication

The image displays an "" Smart Gateway device next to its packaging, which emphasizes easy camera installation and dedicated Wi-Fi functionality.

Things to Consider When Going Wireless

Business Analytics

A person in a white apron smiles while using a tablet beside a visible interface of for Business, showing graphs and security features.
The image shows two Amazon Echo smart speakers, a larger cylindrical one, and a smaller puck-shaped one, displayed on a wooden surface with plants in the background.

Alexa Interface


This is an illustration showing a stylized commercial building with icons for smart technology features and a smartphone displaying a security and automation app interface.
A person in a cap is installing a security camera on a white ceiling, standing on a blue stepladder. Focus on hands adjusting the device.
Two people are standing together; one in a cap and black shirt shows something on a handheld device to the other wearing a blue polo shirt.

Professional Installation

Our Most Popular Preconfigured Packages

This image showcases various home security devices, including cameras, sensors, a keypad, control panel, and a smartphone with a security app interface.

Premium Package

Our most complete package features protection, automation, and video.

This image showcases various home security devices, including a control panel, mobile app interface, cameras, and sensors for doors and windows.

Smart Package

Our most popular smart security package features more than protection—it’s your pathway to business automation.

The image shows a home security system, including a smartphone app interface, control panel, motion sensor, and three door/window sensors.

Interactive Package

Our essential security package features affordable protection with a wireless connection.

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