Safety & Wellness Monitoring For Small Business

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Benefits of Safety & Wellness Monitoring Systems

This image showcases a collage of security camera views monitoring different locations, highlighting individuals, tracking movements, and analyzing crowd levels, with an watermark.
A security camera with icons indicating its features: Heat Mapping, Occupancy Tracking, Crowd Gathering, People Counting, and Queue Monitoring. The logo " for BUSINESS" is visible.
The image shows an infographic titled "EMPLOYEE TRACKING," highlighting features of an employee monitoring and tracking system, including safety, efficiency, and contact tracing.
A person in a blue shirt is unlocking a glass door at an office entrance. A notification indicates "Front Door unlocked by Elena C at 11:02 am."
This is a user interface of a security system on a laptop screen, showing access control settings for full-time employees, including schedules and permissions.

Employee Reporting

Employees arriving late or leaving early can cost business office operators roughly $2,279 per incident per year according to 2020 Parks Associates,, and Large Commercial Business Survey.

Keep track of when staff come and go with office access control systems. Get notified if someone opens the office late or closes early, enabling your managers to respond as needed using the enterprise dashboard.

GPS Monitoring and Reporting

As a business owner or manager directly responsible for the supervision of employees, you can’t keep an eye on, or track of, everyone all the time. IAT’s GPS-enabled smart safety devices enable you to keep a closer eye on employee activity and be notified if there is an emergency.

This image features a security system interface on multiple devices with live video feeds, a person in the background, and a business setting.
A person is sitting at a desk with multiple monitors displaying graphs and a map, suggesting a focus on data analysis or monitoring activities.
The image shows a part of a silver car's rear wheel and bumper, next to a tow truck, with a notification from about unexpected movement detected.

Connected car devices and applications are smart security for the road. You can easily track where your drivers are, where they have been, and how long they were at each stop. This enables you, the business owner, to check on scheduling and inform clients if their driver is going to be early or late. The connected car device and application can also inform you or your dispatch coordinator if a driver is driving in an unsafe manner, of an accident, whether there is suspicious movement of a vehicle (like being towed), and even maintenance requirements.

When equipped with a smart GPS-enabled locator pendant, employees can inform you of an emergency either personally or in the business. With two-way communication, it’s as simple as pressing the button on the pendant which will connect the employee to either a monitoring company or whoever is the designated contact within the company. If the employee is unable to press the button, the system will automatically send one.

A person has fallen downstairs, lying uncomfortably on their back with papers scattered around. A briefcase is open nearby, suggesting an accident occurred while carrying items.
A hand holds a black oval object, likely an electronic device, next to a pendant and a wristband with similar smaller devices, possibly for tracking or synchronization.

Critical Systems Monitoring

Critical systems typically consist of generators, backup batteries, electrical switching gear, IT infrastructure, freezers, air cooling and heating units, climate control systems, surveillance systems, fire alarm systems, intrusion systems, freeze warning systems, water flow and water detection systems, and much more.

Protect critical systems by monitoring the temperatures of freezers/refrigerators, server rooms, medical supplies, and more. Receive alerts if temperatures exceed a set range and retrieve historical reports summarizing temperature conditions for compliance. Get notified of water leaks and flooding situations, access and surveillance systems go off-line, and much more.

A person looks at a tablet displaying notifications from ALARM.COM about a power and Wi-Fi outage and a thermostat status update.
A person is examining a temperature monitoring chart displayed on a screen attached to a freezer door, likely tracking the appliance's temperature fluctuations over time.
A person in a cap is installing a security camera on a white ceiling, standing on a blue stepladder. Focus on hands adjusting the device.
Two people are standing together; one in a cap and black shirt shows something on a handheld device to the other wearing a blue polo shirt.

Professional Installation