Small Business Video Surveillance

Secure your business with a reliable smart video surveillance system featuring live-streaming video, recordings, and real-time notifications sent straight to your smartphone. Never miss an important moment or event with IAT’s smart video surveillance systems.

We help you feel safe and secure with peace of mind wherever you go.

Video surveillance solutions protect a business in different ways.

IAT’s video surveillance solutions allow the business owner or other responsible person to have the ability to monitor what’s going on even if the business is closed. If a monitoring center service is engaged, alerts will be sent, and the proper authorities dispatched.

Smart recording capabilities make collecting and finding important footage easy and fast. Program exactly what to see, and the clips are stored securely in a searchable library in the cloud. Recording can be triggered by pre-set events, motion, schedule, or on-demand.

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Be in the Know

A complete video surveillance solution should consist of indoor and outdoor WIFI-enabled cameras and utilize a video analytics program. Would you like to know:

Would you like to know?

The image shows a surveillance screen capture from ALARM.COM of a person in a dumpster area, with an alert indicating a perimeter breach and video recording.
This image shows an entrance with a person stepping out, a digital counter reading "Current Occupancy 13," and a green "+1" sign, indicating count increment.
A person is delivering a package, pressing a digital doorbell, which displays the image of a smiling person holding a box at the front entrance.
A person is holding a smartphone showing a smart lock control app interface with options to unlock, buzz open, or lock doors remotely.

Video Access Control

Video Analytics and Artificial Intelligence

The image displays a Business Activity Analytics slide with five key features: Occupancy tracking, People counting, Queue monitoring, Crowd gathering, and Heat mapping, explaining how video analytics can enhance business operations.
The image shows a surveillance system interface with three frames highlighting a person, a vehicle, and an animal, each outlined and labeled accordingly.
People entering and exiting a building with occupancy count tracked. Arrows and symbols indicate movement and occupancy changes. Current occupancy is labeled as 17.
The image shows a tablet and smartphone displaying graphs and security status. The tablet exhibits various data charts, while the smartphone shows an unlocked door alert and a camera feed with people inside a room.
A person in a high-visibility vest stands near a truck, facing a delivery dock, while a digital interface highlights and identifies their presence.
Two smartphones are shown side by side displaying an app interface. The left screen shows home automation options; the right contains an emergency message alert.
A person is holding a smartphone displaying a security alarm application with a red interface, indicating an armed status and a quote saying, "The alarm's going off!"
A person's hand is holding a smartphone with a security system app on the screen, above a laptop keyboard, with an advertisement slogan for

Notifications That Are Actually Important

Indoor Security Cameras

A security camera is displayed in front of two devices showing surveillance footage from various angles within a retail store setting, monitored through an app.
A security camera is mounted on a white wall outdoors, with an inset image showing its live feed of a person delivering a package at a storefront.

Outdoor Security Cameras

Professional Installation

A person in a cap is installing a security camera on a white ceiling, standing on a blue stepladder. Focus on hands adjusting the device.

And if you’re still not sure about getting a home security system with cameras check out a few compelling reasons below.​

And if you’re still not sure about getting a home security system with cameras check out a few compelling reasons below.​

Business Insurance Discounts

You can earn up to a 20% discount on your business insurance premiums for having a professionally installed and monitored alarm system. Check with your agent to see what kind of discounts you can receive. And ask how much easier it will be to file a claim if you must, you’ll be surprised how much time it will save on the process. We’ll even send a certificate directly to your agent to make sure your discount is applied.

Protect Your Assets

You worked hard to get where you are today and if you keep any sort of inventory, have expensive office equipment, TVs, or keep anything else of value at the office it could be devastating to experience a burglary or storm damage.

We likely all know a business owner who has been burglarized or suffered from storm damage and didn’t know it till the next day. The tragedy is compounded when the situation may involve computer equipment that contains confidential client and business information – this puts you at a whole other level of liability you will be subject to. Installing a video surveillance security system deters would-be burglars and can notify the local authorities if someone does attempt a break-in. In case of storm damage can quickly notify you so you can react in a manner that lessens the loss.

Peace of Mind with Customized Solutions

Owning a small business and being the “top person in charge” is extremely time-consuming and exhausting. At some point, it becomes almost impossible for you to take time off to relax and recharge. And if you have a family, you are probably missing out on things you don’t want to miss. The sense of security and comfort you gain with a security system is perhaps the greatest benefit of all. Next to being protected, the confidence of feeling protected will help you be a more productive, healthy, and focused person.

Take that time you need to recharge; take the family on the vacation you’ve been promising but haven’t had the time. Stop worrying, and relax, we’ve got you covered.

Never pay for something you don’t need. While our most basic package comes with the security essentials, we know that not every business is the same nor do they have the same needs as each other. That’s why we work with our clients to customize packages to better fit their security requirements.

Our Most Popular Preconfigured Packages

This image showcases various home security devices, including cameras, sensors, a keypad, control panel, and a smartphone with a security app interface.

Premium Package

Our most complete package features protection, automation, and video.

This image showcases various home security devices, including a control panel, mobile app interface, cameras, and sensors for doors and windows.

Smart Package

Our most popular smart security package features more than protection—it’s your pathway to business automation.

The image shows a home security system, including a smartphone app interface, control panel, motion sensor, and three door/window sensors.

Interactive Package

Our essential security package features affordable protection with a wireless connection.

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