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Interactive wireless technology provides state-of-the-art protection for you and your family. Professionally monitored systems can be set up to watch what’s happening throughout your home and provide you with peace of mind.

We help you feel safe and secure with peace of mind wherever you go.

Basic landline alarm monitoring is how home security systems have been monitored for decades. Unfortunately, this method is vulnerable and outdated. Wireless alarm monitoring is the most reliable form of communication. 

IAT’s Smart and Premium Packages include a dedicated wireless bridge that can make setup and installation much easier. It is much easier to connect devices with a local WIFI network instead. Eliminating the need to running ethernet wire across your home.

The image displays a smartphone interface showing three live security camera feeds: a living room with two people, a driveway with a car, and an outdoor package delivery.

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Smartphone Notifications

The image shows a smartphone screen displaying the settings menu of the Alarm.com app, including options for account management, device settings, and information about the app.
The image shows a smartphone screen with the Alarm.com app open, displaying home automation options and a video feed of two people sitting in a living room.
A person's hand holds a smartphone displaying security camera footage in front of a house with a lush lawn. A security camera icon floats in the corner.

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A person in a dark blue shirt and a cap is installing a smart lock on a black door using a red screwdriver, with an "ALARM.COM" logo visible.
Two people are standing by a house entrance; one person is showing something on a smartphone to the other, who is attentively observing the screen.

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A family of four are joyfully jumping along a sunny beach. Silhouetted against a bright sun, they hold hands, evoking a sense of freedom and happiness.
A person is scuba diving near a coral reef, observing a moray eel. They are equipped with a full diving suit, fins, and an oxygen tank.
A person in a blue uniform with a tool belt is installing curtains in a well-furnished living room with a leather sofa and elegant decor.

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Our Most Popular Preconfigured Packages

This image showcases various home security devices, including cameras, sensors, a keypad, control panel, and a smartphone with a security app interface.

Premium Package

Our most complete package features protection, automation, and video delivered straight to your smartphone.
This image showcases various home security devices, including a control panel, mobile app interface, cameras, and sensors for doors and windows.

Smart Package

Our most popular smart security package features more than protection—it’s your pathway to home automation.
The image shows a home security system, including a smartphone app interface, control panel, motion sensor, and three door/window sensors.

Interactive Package

Our essential security package features affordable protection with a wireless connection.

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