Enterprise Life Safety & Security Systems

Whether it’s fire & safety systems, alarm systems, video surveillance, access control, infrastructure cabling, custom audio-visual systems, or cell repeater systems, we’ve got you covered.

We help you feel safe and secure with peace of mind wherever you go.


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Solutions We Provide

At IAT, we specialize in delivering exceptional fire & safety and physical security systems and solutions tailored to the specific needs of large enterprises.

With a custom-designed unified approach, you gain centralized control, real-time monitoring, and a holistic view of your security landscape. Say goodbye to fragmented systems and enjoy the benefits of a unified security solution that maximizes safety and minimizes complexity.

Fire Safety Systems

IAT is partnered with the only independent manufacturer of a full line of fire alarm systems and their products are manufactured right here in the USA. IP connectivity-enabled are NFPA compliant and allow for a single path of communication over IP. The system is also factory set to program for NFPA test time interval changes of 6 hours from 24 hours.

The image features an array of red and white fire alarm system components including control panels, detectors, and notification devices with the brand "POTTER" visible.
A smartphone displays an application interface with various system statuses like 'Disabled', 'Trouble', 'Supervisory', and 'Fire Alarm'. Red and black color theme.
This image shows a red fire alarm pull station mounted on a wall next to a network cabinet with blue Ethernet cables, indicating a technical or server room setup.
The image shows a red device connecting to a computer monitor via dotted lines, symbolizing data transmission or syncing between the two pieces of technology.

Some of the fire safety systems features include:

Alarms Systems

IAT knows how important your assets are to your enterprise and the criticality of keeping them protected. The powerful commercial alarm systems employing advanced technology used by IAT protect single or multiple locations with custom-designed alarm systems that are reliable and easy to use.

Systems are flexible and expandable so don’t worry about having to change your security systems as you grow. Firmware updates are sent automatically, and our platform can handle organizations of an almost unlimited size – small, big, large, and multiple locations. Integrate seamlessly with IAT’s video and access control solutions. Add surveillance cameras for visual verification and faster emergency response. Whatever your current and future needs may be, we’re here to help.

The image displays a collection of devices — a smartphone, tablet, and credit card-sized gadget — all showing a smart home interface for controlling a thermostat.
The image depicts a large, sunlit warehouse interior with rows of shelving units, cardboard boxes, pallets, and a forklift. A floating graphical user interface indicates business services.
A person is examining a temperature chart labeled "Freezer," showing temperature fluctuations over time, adhered to a wall near industrial pipes.
The image shows a water meter and valve control system. It has copper pipes and a white device with cables, all against a white background.
The image shows a diagram of a surveillance system with various camera types connected through a cloud connector to a cloud, displaying footage on a laptop and smartphone.

Video Surveillance

IAT offers a full line of Cloud-based HD Video Surveillance systems and products. Securing your enterprise with video protection is a necessity for enterprise operations. We have the systems and capabilities to meet your operational objectives and budget requirements.

These systems protect you and document events from both external and internal threats including:

The image depicts an indoor, professional setting with multiple people. Annotations focus on one person, indicating age range, gender, and clothing details.
A person is monitoring a multi-screen security system showing various individuals in different locations within a building, like lobbies and office spaces.
A smartphone displays an application interface with various system statuses like 'Disabled', 'Trouble', 'Supervisory', and 'Fire Alarm'. Red and black color theme.
The image displays a range of smart access devices, including door locks and a hub, with a user interface dashboard on a computer screen, showcasing system management tools.

Access Control

IAT’s cloud-based access control systems are designed for ultimate flexibility and administrative control. Security is enhanced at every level with leading-edge access technology and agile cloud software.

These systems protect you and document events from both external and internal threats including:

A person is using a laptop displaying analytics on its screen. Visible metrics include user counts and percentages, alongside tasks and profile photos.
A person is holding a smartphone with a home security app open, tapping the screen with a finger, with green foliage softly blurred in the background.
The image shows four panels demonstrating different ways to access a smart lock: via fingerprint, card, smartphone app, and a smartwatch, in a sequence.
This image shows a close-up of blue network Ethernet cables organized in yellow cable management trays above a server or network racks in a data center.
The image shows a network switch with multiple Ethernet cables connected. Red, yellow, and blue cables are organized in rows, indicating data communication infrastructure.

Infrastructure Cabling

IAT provides indoor and outdoor cabling and wiring installation, maintenance, and repair for Cat5e/Cat6e, fiber, and coax cables to meet your enterprise’s day-to-day operational requirements. Including security and life safety systems, network and data infrastructure, custom audio-visual systems, intercom systems, and any other low-voltage cabling your enterprise may require.

IAT’s highly experienced and knowledgeable employees are full-time, W-2 employees. All employees are DCJS licensed and authorized to work on security and life safety systems as required by the Commonwealth of Virginia. IAT NEVER uses subcontractors to perform work we do for you.

The highest quality products are recommended, used, and are set out in any proposal submitted in response to an RFP or quote request. If an RFP contains requirements for specific manufacturers and products, IAT will adhere to those requirements and provide a proposal or quote that contains the required products.

Audio Visual Systems

Communication and engagement are vital when it comes to your parishioners, customers, students, or employees. Your IAT system designer will work with you to tailor a cost-effective custom audio-visual system that suits your needs. Consultations are free and planning and design are included in the project cost. IAT also offers maintenance and repair contracts that are cost-effective and give you peace of mind that you don’t have to go looking for someone to take care of any issues may have post-installation.

Whether it’s distributed audio, video walls, interactive smart boards, digital signage providing information services or interactive communication with the user, or tele-learning or collaboration, IAT has the knowledge, experience, and technical expertise to provide you with custom-designed systems to meet your organization’s needs.

The image depicts "Building Scenario 1" showing signal attenuation through various materials, comparing frequencies at 800 MHz and 1900 MHz with corresponding decibel values.
The image displays a cellular signal attenuation scenario, showing a cell tower, various building materials, their signal blocking values, and a smartphone signal indicator.

Cell Repeater Solutions

Buildings made of steel, aluminum, and concrete are notorious for blocking cellular signals. Even if a strong cell signal exists outside, you may have little or no cell coverage indoors, regardless of the network carrier you use.

A business cellular repeater works by taking an existing signal using an outdoor antenna, boosting it via an amplifier, and rebroadcasting it to its indoor antenna within a confined space. These can be essential for businesses with no cell signal inside and weak or moderately usable cell signals outside or nearby. Any business with a weak cell signal can benefit from a powerful cellular repeater system to improve cell signals inside the building for all carriers, all cell phones and devices, and with absolutely no recurring fees after purchase.

The image shows a "Signal Key" chart with illustrations of cell signal bars indicating signal strength from no signal up to five bars and corresponding decibel milliwatt (dBm) values.

Regardless of the size of your facilities or the situation you currently find yourself in, IAT has the expertise to test your cellular signal outside and in, evaluate the construction of you facilities, determine if a cellular booster will be of benefit, and design a system that maximizes your cellular capabilities.

A colorful illustration showcasing a smartphone centered above a stylized city skyline, surrounded by various wireless communication symbols representing connectivity and network technology.
This image explains a mobile signal booster's process in three steps, leading to improved 2G, 3G, 4G stability, uninterrupted connection, and increased battery life.

Enterprise Includes

The image displays six minimalist icons representing security and technology concepts: intrusion, video, access, energy management, insights, and mobile app, each labeled accordingly.