Small Business Security & Monitoring

Interactive wireless technology provides state-of-the-art protection for you and your business. Professionally monitored systems can be set up to watch what’s happening throughout your business and alert you when something is amiss.

We help you feel safe and secure with peace of mind wherever you go.

In today’s technological world, wireless-enabled devices utilize the most reliable form of communication for security and alarm monitoring systems. IAT’s Smart and Premium Packages include a dedicated wireless bridge that makes setup and installation much easier, increases reliability, and reduces cost.

In most instances, it is much easier and less disruptive to connect security devices to a secure local WIFI network that eliminates the need to run ethernet cables in a facility.

The image shows a control room with multiple people at workstations, each facing large monitors displaying maps and data. One person stands observing.
A person's hand holds a smartphone displaying a home security app with a live video feed. A laptop and notepad are on the desk nearby.

Security & Monitoring

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Smartphone Notifications

This image shows a smartphone displaying a security system app interface indicating "System Disarmed" and "Front Door Unlocked", with a person in a store on video.
A triptych showing a security theme: a well-lit building at night, a person urgently working on multiple monitors, and a security officer monitoring screens attentively.

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A person is working at a desk with a computer screen displaying the word "PROTECTION" alongside icons of a lock, computer, house, and shield.
A laptop screen displays a security camera interface with multiple feeds showing a person browsing clothes and various angles of a retail store environment.

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A person is working on a laptop while reclining on a wooden sun lounger overlooking a serene beach with turquoise waters, under a partly cloudy sky.
This image features various outdoor travel essentials laid out on a wooden surface: hiking boots, backpack, camera, smartphone with security app, notebook, cup, and flashlight.
A person in a cap is installing a security camera on a white ceiling, standing on a blue stepladder. Focus on hands adjusting the device.
Two people are standing together; one in a cap and black shirt shows something on a handheld device to the other wearing a blue polo shirt.

Professional Installation

Our Most Popular Preconfigured Packages

This image showcases various home security devices, including cameras, sensors, a keypad, control panel, and a smartphone with a security app interface.

Premium Package

Our most complete package features protection, automation, and video.

This image showcases various home security devices, including a control panel, mobile app interface, cameras, and sensors for doors and windows.

Smart Package

Our most popular smart security package features more than protection—it’s your pathway to business automation.

The image shows a home security system, including a smartphone app interface, control panel, motion sensor, and three door/window sensors.

Interactive Package

Our essential security package features affordable protection with a wireless connection.

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