Home Security Systems With Cameras

See everything you want (and nothing you don’t) with the smart camera’s patented video analytics technology that identifies people, animals, and vehicles in your video feed.

We help you feel safe and secure with peace of mind wherever you go.

You’re not the only homeowner trying to make the difficult decision about what security system is right for you. It’s a confusing and laborious task since the market is flooded with all types of home surveillance cameras. But the platform they run on is what matters – and it’s what sets the technology IAT uses apart.

You can set notifications and/or recording based on motion, a specified schedule, or event triggers like doors opening, alarm system disarms, and more. IAT has HD cameras for inside or outdoors, doorbell cameras, day/night vision, and 2-way audio.

The patented video analytics, available as an add-on to any of our packages, used by IAT’s cameras harness the power of Artificial Intelligence to ensure you see what you want, without wasting your time on a flood of notifications. It can identify whether an object is a person, animal, or vehicle, and you can customize recordings and notifications based on those parameters.

Talk about security – the cameras that IAT uses have the highest level of data encryption to prevent hacking. 

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Be in the Know

Complete your home security system with WIFI-enabled interior and/or outdoor cameras with video analytics that will notify you if a person, car, or animal activates your camera motion sensor. You can see what is happening inside your home with HD video live-streamed to your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Instantly connect to your cameras to capture live video and access recorded video with ease.

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This image shows a screenshot of a security system alert from ALARM.COM, revealing a residential driveway where a camera has detected a vehicle at 2:43 pm.
This image shows a home entryway with a smart home security camera interface. A delivery man is seen outside the front door carrying a package.
A person in a high-visibility vest carries a clipboard, walking on a residential path lined with green plants and decorative stone walls, suggesting a professional visit.

IAT also offers HD WIFI video doorbells that help you protect your deliveries from the latest form of theft – stealing deliveries off your porch. Just connect to the video doorbell using your smartphone or tablet from anywhere to check on those packages. The easy-to-use two-way voice allows you to speak to visitors and all the video and audio is safely saved to the cloud. All of this with no wiring required. The solution is completely wireless.

How about being able to unlock the door remotely so the delivery person can put the package in your house? You can watch them as they come and leave. Then you can lock the door again.

A friend’s coming over, but you are running late. Wouldn’t it be great if you could open the door remotely and let them in?

Video Analytics and Artificial Intelligence

Video analytics is available as an add-on to all our packages. This is what makes IAT’s home security systems better than most.  Everybody is selling cameras, but not every system has video analytics capability. While the surveillance cameras themselves are important – the platform they run on is what makes the difference; and should be a major consideration when choosing a home security system.

IAT’s cameras use video analytics that employs artificial intelligence to identify an object on your property as a person, animal, or vehicle. You can then be notified when a person lingers, an animal crosses a virtual do-not-cross line, or a car pulls into your driveway. Because the home security cameras are integrated with a state-of-the-art smart home smart hub that is completely user-friendly and easy to use making your experience seamless and that’s comprehensive and personalized. What you need and want is what you get – it’s all up to you.

A smart doorbell camera is displayed next to an image of a person and child, both wearing masks, at a doorstep, simulating a contactless delivery scenario.
A person is viewing a computer screen showing a surveillance camera setup interface for a house's driveway with video object detection options and instructions.
This image depicts a split-screen view: on the left, a drone captures a car in a driveway; on the right, a smartphone displays a notification about the recorded event.

Notifications That Are Actually Important

With today’s technology, you are probably used to getting a ton of notifications every day, but we’ll bet you don’t consider many of them vital. They’re just “fluff” from all the applications and sites you are subscribed to – like your favorite department store is having a 50% off sale on sheets – do you really care

With home surveillance systems from other companies, you could get overwhelmed with notifications too – like every time a car drives by, the neighbor takes a walk and is on your front sidewalk, or a cat or dog walks on your grass. With IAT’s systems, you don’t have to contend with an overabundance of notifications. You set what you want to be alerted to and will only truly receive useful alerts. Don’t get bogged down all day with notification overload. If you work, it can become extremely frustrating and non-productive to have to check your mobile device every time you hear a “ding.” Get productive and informative video alerts from our indoor and outdoor cameras that are actually smart.

Indoor Security Cameras

Sometimes seeing is not enough – with smart indoor HD cameras, not only will you see clearly what is going on day or night, but you can have a two-way conversation with whoever is in view. Just press the button on your mobile app and say “Hello” and the person near the camera will hear you and can respond. Imagine being able to say to the kids “Don’t do that” or telling the dog to get off the couch.

No matter who you’d like to keep an eye on, indoor smart HD home security cameras are the answer. You can set recordings to turn off automatically when you are home, if you like, through the completely customizable app. In our experience, most clients set all the cameras to record any time there is an alarm whether they are home or not. But if you have kids running around all over the house, you may not want that. You can also set up schedules to record clips and get notified instantly every time a door or window opens or if there is motion in a specific room. 

A security camera identifies a person and a dog in a house. An app notification on a digital screen shows the detections with labeled bounding boxes.
A security camera is mounted on a white wall outdoors, with an inset image showing its live feed of a person delivering a package at a storefront.

Outdoor Security Cameras

Get a clear view of what’s happening on your property wherever you are as long as you have access to the internet or a mobile connection. Live and recorded video can be viewed from your HD security cameras with the mobile app on your computer, tablet, or phone.

With infrared night vision, it makes it easy to see what’s happening outside even on the darkest nights. And because the surveillance cameras are integrated with our Smart Home Hub and security system, you can quickly get a complete picture of what’s going on at home.

Smart recording capabilities make collecting and finding important footage easy and fast. You set exactly what you want to see, and your clips are stored securely in a searchable library in the cloud. Recording can be triggered by events, motion, schedule, or on demand.

Professional Installation

Don’t waste time and energy installing your home security system yourself. At IAT, we offer professional installation, programming, and training. All installation technicians are employees (never sub-contractors) with extensive industry experience who have passed background checks and drug tests and are licensed by the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services.

A person in a blue cap and a person in a light blue shirt are examining a smartphone together in a cozy, well-decorated living room.

And if you’re still not sure about getting a home security system with cameras check out a few compelling reasons below.​

And if you’re still not sure about getting a home security system with cameras check out a few compelling reasons below.​

Would you like to know?

You can earn up to a 20% discount on your homeowner’s insurance premium for having a professionally monitored alarm system. Check with your agent to see what kind of discount you can receive. And ask how much easier it will be to file a claim if you must, you’ll be surprised how much time it will save on the process.  We’ll send a certificate directly to your agent to make sure your discount is applied.

And, since most of us pay our homeowner’s insurance through our mortgage payment, you just might reduce your monthly payment a little.

Protect Valuables

Do you have a collection of something you place not only a dollar value on but a sentimental one as well?  This is, of course, the benefit of a home security system most people immediately think of.

We likely all know someone who has lost electronics, jewelry, guns, or other high-value items due to a home invasion. The tragedy is compounded when the item is an irreplaceable family heirloom. While using a home safe can help protect irreplaceable items, a home security system has an alarm that can scare off many would-be burglars and can notify the local authorities if someone does attempt a break-in.

Peace of Mind with Customized Solutions

Take that family vacation and relax, we’ve got you covered.

The sense of security and comfort you gain with an alarm system is perhaps the greatest benefit of all. Next to being safe, the confidence of feeling safe will help you be a more productive, healthy, and focused person.

Adding a security system to your home gives you an extra layer of defense against any potential intruders. Whether you rent or own, you can enjoy the benefits that come with having a security system.

Never pay for something you don’t need. While our most basic package comes with the security essentials, we know that not every family is the same nor do they have the same needs as one another. That’s why we work with our clients to customize their packages to better fit their family’s needs.

Our Most Popular Preconfigured Packages

This image showcases various home security devices, including cameras, sensors, a keypad, control panel, and a smartphone with a security app interface.

Premium Package

Our most complete package features protection, automation, and video delivered straight to your smartphone.
This image showcases various home security devices, including a control panel, mobile app interface, cameras, and sensors for doors and windows.

Smart Package

Our most popular smart security package features more than protection—it’s your pathway to home automation.
The image shows a home security system, including a smartphone app interface, control panel, motion sensor, and three door/window sensors.

Interactive Package

Our essential security package features affordable protection with a wireless connection.

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