Structured Cabling

For large and small commercial clients

Cable & Wiring Installation and Repair

Innovative Access Technologies provides cabling and wiring installation and repair for Cat5e/Cat6e, fiber and coax cables. We work with large and small business to provide cable and wiring maintenance, repair and add-on cabling to meet their day-to-day requirements.

Data & Network Cabling Design and Installation

Innovative Access Technologies provides data and network low voltage infrastructure design and installation for large and small commercial clients. Innovative Access Technologies, in conjunction with your IT provider, will determine the appropriate needs for your business based on current and projected future growth and provide you with a well thought out documented project plan for your new office, renovation, or simply increased needs.

IAT: The Trusted Name for Every Project

Do you need to install low voltage systems, data cable infrastructure, or phone systems quickly and expertly?

Finding a service provider with the expertise and experience to make this happen with minimal fuss can be difficult.


Installing cables, low voltage systems, and phone systems can be very tricky, especially if you need the job done immediately. IAT can quickly design and install structured cabling and wiring as well as phone systems for every type of client. From installing wires for home theater systems to creating structured cabling for all the communications in your office building, we will assess your needs and get the job done quickly and accurately.

Data Cabling FAQs

  • What the heck are all these wires for!?
  • How fast will my internet go?
  • What IS structured cabling?
  • Cat5/Cat6 what’s the difference?
  • Why do I need such a big cabinet?
  • What should my voice & data cabling budget be?
  • Do you charge for an initial evaluation & quote?

IAT can answer ALL of these questions for you – and more. And no, of course, we do not charge for your initial evaluation and quote. We’re happy to speak with you (virtually or safely onsite) to answer these as we guide you through the process to bring your job – big or small – to fruition. Give us a call today


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